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    CPR Training 4 Life provides the knowledge and skills to effectively respond it also provides the confidence to act when needed. CPR Training 4 Life offers a wide variety of CPR training courses, Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death.  Having the skills to act immediately in an emergency situation can help save lives and reduce the impact of injury.

    CPR Training 4 Life is based on American Heart Association and American Red Cross training standards. We have 15 years of  industry safety experience for businesses, groups, associations and individuals.  Being a small business, we are able to focus on the individuals and their specific needs We offer regular and online certification and re-certification courses at competitive rates, with flexible schedules.

    CPR Training 4 Life:

  • Top of the line training equipments
  • Up to date CPR Training Techniques.
  • Flexible class schedules .
  •  American Heart Association or American Red Cross certified Instructors
  • On-site training available






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